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  My Specialties:


   Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (Dynamic Breathwork)

   Dance and Movement Specialist

   Mindful Eating, Diet Transitioning, Nutrition

   Depression, Bipolar, and Anxiety Disorders


   Food Addictions


   Substance Abuse


   Massage, Sensual Touch, Cradling 


   Landmark Education, Conscious Transformation 

Mission Statement:

We are electric, vibrational beings, filled with an infinite power to create. For some silly reason, we forget this! We forget who we are. In learning to cultivate Prana* and vibrate on a stronger, clearer level, we can raise the energy of the collective and live in a better, more awakened world.

I invite you to come with me on a journey towards inner freedom. We will create customized one-on-one energy cultivation together, to engage in aliveness and invigoration. Together, we discard what no longer serves and create new patterns, outlooks, and ways of being that nurture Self and inspire what has always been there: a miraculous, radiant you! 

                                                                                                         *Vital Life Force

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