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My Bio

I am a free-spirit, a lover of life; a creative, empathetic, artistic soul. I have always strived to live a big life, but life hits, and it hits hard. I have batted Major Depression, Bulimia and disordered eating, drug and alcohol addiction, and the pits of despair and hopelessness. While my many talents and interests kept me afloat, I would constantly get sucked into the whirlpool of fear, shame, and self-doubt. Before I found a practice: techniques and ways of being that worked to ground, inspire, and balance me, the intensity of life continually knocked me around like a minuscule ball in a monstrous pinball machine. I speak to you now from a place of immense gratitude, coming to appreciate and honor my past experiences for making me stronger and wiser and for giving me the ability to connect to more people who have or are experiencing the same. 

I have always been a philosopher, asking the big questions and wrestling with purpose. This led me on a spiritual journey, inquiring and learning about a myriad of beliefs and traditions including my Jewish heritage, meditation and Buddhism, Hinduism and Ashtanga Yoga, Self-Realization and Kriya Yoga, the New Thought Movement, and following the guidance and teachings of modern psychologists and spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Carl Jung, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Joey Klein, and Swami Kriyananda. 

As I developed my spiritual practice, and sobered up and began to love myself, my passion for physical health skyrocketed. My interest in Plant-based eating became my truth as I lived and experienced natural ways to heal my body. 


All of these spiritual and somatic findings in conjunction with my life experiences have left me with lots of tools and information, as well as first-hand knowledge of what has worked for me. I seek to be completely transparent about my past and the rocky road I’ve traveled to get here, because I am proud of who I am and what I’ve been through. I seek to authentically relay what I have learned, and to come into union with those of you who seek connection, elevation, growth, and inspiration. Welcome Aum.

Bio Timeline:


1985- Born into this world!

1988- First dance class

1991- Parents separated

2000- Dance scholarships/ nationally ranked dancer

2001- First food binge and subsequent purge

2002- First Yoga class

2002- First Major Depressive episode; began medication & therapy

2003- Freshman year at UC Berkeley

2004- Study abroad in Great Britain

2005- Semester off to recover from Major Depression

2007- Graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric

2008- Moved to NYC

2009- Major Depression and Bulimia in full swing

2009- Moved back to LA

2010- Began attending AnandaLa (Learning the Teachings of

             Paramahansa Yogananda) 

2012- Graduate of the Landmark Forum & Advanced Course

2012- Established GetFitwithJET Health Coaching

2012- Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

2013- First Attended the Woodstock Fruit Festival

2013- Pleasant Valley Sanctuary Meditation & Yoga Staycation

2013- Moved to Tennessee

2014- Moved back to LA

2015- In Patient Treatment for Depression and Alcohol/Drugs

2015- Clean and Sober!

2015- 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training in India

2016- Moved to Austin

2016- Led Kirtan (Bhakti Yoga) at Woodstock Fruit Festival

2016- Began work in Conscious Transformation 

2017- Established as an Austin Yoga Teacher

2017- Founded The AnandaJai Kirtan Band

2017- Founded Coming Aum 

2018- Teaching Yoga full time in multiple studios, Independent

             Kirtan Wallah

2019- Forming the Karma Yoga Collective

2019- Became a Mother- new full time job!

2020- Online Classes and Private Lessons

2021- Working on new online offerings for you!

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